Quality Education for Children from 3-5 Years Old

Play-Based Learning in Bellevue

Developmentally Appropriate

At Eastgate Cooperative Preschool, your child will learn through play-based discovery, hands-on exploration, and social interaction with guidance from experienced teachers.

Learning for the Whole Family

When you attend Eastgate Co-Op, it's not just your child that learns. Our program is part of the Bellevue College Parent Education Program, so you'll participate in monthly classes in child development and parenting skills. As a parent working in the classroom, you have the chance to apply those skills to guiding the children's learning and you'll get to observe the teachers and instructor as they interact with the children and model effective ways to connect with children and teach skills

Cooperation and Community

Being part of a co-op preschool comes with many rewards. As parents, you will witness your child's growth and development firsthand. You will develop friendships with other parents going through the same struggles and triumphs of parenting preschoolers. And through your parent job, you will be able to make a direct impact on the success of our school.

What Parents Are Saying

"I learned valuable parenting ideas from the Parent Ed classes each month.  I always left with a renewed strength, determination and excitement, and felt that I was better equipped with new knowledge and skills to be a better mom."

"The best part is the community you build.  It’s invaluable to have open discussions about parenting issues with other parents while your children are learning through play and bonding with their peers." 

“My child and I made friends at ECP that we will keep forever.  I was amazed at how my child developed in the play-based curriculum.  His ability to communicate, read, solve problems, and face challenges (academic, social, or emotional) have been magnified greatly."